Vacation Bible School

VBS looks a little bit different this year!

Get ready for some community-based, socially distanced FUN this summer! Not only will we be having a great time, we will also be learning about and taking action toward important topics like diversity, racism, and local business. Some events this week are just for registered youth and families, and some are for our wider parish and 19th Ward community. Our events are designed for the whole family. To adhere with COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and safety, a parent/guardian MUST accompany children to our events.

Youth can sign up for youth/families only events, our lunch program, and to get a t-shirt. 

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Teen and adult volunteers needed!

Lunch Program Volunteers


During the VBS week, August 17-21, we will be providing to-go meals for registered children. Can you help with meal prep? 

Cultural Ambassadors


Are you part of a culture that you would love to share with others? Be a part of our cultural celebration on Wednesday of VBS week. Set up a booth to teach people about your culture, including food, music, language, pictures, traditions, clothing, and anything else you can dream up! 

BLM Forum Committee


Black Lives Matter. What does this mean to you? What would you like others to learn about it? Join our planning team for Thursday’s BLM Forum. 

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